Hang them on a tree

By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action
Seth D Cohen Stop Breathe Action
We all have issues we need to deal with.  Some are big, some are small.  The problem is we drag around our issues all day long. They come with us to work, into the home, out with friends and even to family dinners.  These issues weigh us down, affects our mood and performance. So what should we do about all these issues?  Hang them on a tree!
Ok you probably think I’m crazy right now but hear me out.  I have issues just like everybody else but I try and limit where I bring them to and how I carry them.  So before I enter the office doors I place my issues that could possibly affect my day and my work on a tree. I actually walk over to a tree, touch the tree and mentally leave my issues hanging on the tree.  After work I go and pick the issues back up (if they are even still there) and go home.  Before I enter my house and see my family I drop the issues that shouldn’t be brought into my house (such as work related issues) back on a tree.  Then in the morning I go and pick them back up.  Usually the issues have blown away or have been significantly reduced from the night before.It’s amazing when you can leave your issues behind for a period of time how much more you can accomplish and how happier you can become.  I’m not suggesting forgetting about your issues or running away from them  (that’s not realistic), I’m suggesting understanding the appropriate time and place to deal with them. Sometimes by leaving your issues behind and coming back to them they don’t seem as significant or important.  Sometimes they just go away.What if I don’t see a tree? Drop your issues off anywhere – leave them in the trunk of a car, hang them on a railing, just don’t carry them around all day with you.  And don’t ask someone to hold them for you.

With Gratitude,



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2 thoughts on “Hang them on a tree

  1. Just wanted to let you know your blog is great and was even from the very first blog – the one which no one has ‘liked’ yet – the one you thought no one would come back to read. But I did, and wanted to congratulate you on making such a success of yourself online and facing those fears and woes telling you you’d fail. Well done, and God Bless you for helping others. LA

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