Determination & Confidence

By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

News flash —– you can’t predict and prepare for the future.  This is a concept I continue to struggle with.  Isn’t the idea that if you plan for any possible event and prepare until you drop, that when a future event occurs you will be ready and stress free.  Although the logic is there, planning and preparing for the future is impossible and you will end up with ulcers and major anxiety along the way.  How could you even possibly think of all the different future scenarios?

The problem is life isn’t linear.  Its a serious of ups and downs and circles.  We are taught in life that our progression should be linear.  Graduate from one grade and move onto the next –  get a job and go from the mailroom to a vice president, to CEO – buy a starter home then upgrade to a bigger home, then buy a vacation home etc…. But as we have seen, especially during this recession, life is unpredictable.  Sometimes it forces you to take two steps back, to change directions and go down a path you never thought even existed.

So how do we succeed if we shouldn’t plan and predict the future and if life isn’t linear and you never know what path you might go down.  The answer – determination and confidence in yourself.  I truly believe that if you are determined to succeed whether it’s being the best mom or executive or blogger you will get where you need to go.  Determination creates this awesome feeling within yourself that makes you feel alive and willing to go the extra mile.  Life is tough, being determined allows you to survive another day.

And nothing is more powerful than confidence in yourself.  If you are confident that you can do anything and strive in any situation why would you even need to predict the future.  Confidence = trust.  Trust that you are smart enough to make the right choices when presented to you.  Trust that if you need to make a business pitch, confront an employee or boss, or find a new job that your mind and body will be prepared.

So how do you get determined and confident? You need ACTION!

Start by trusting yourself and break down your insecurities.  Insecurities are simply a lack of confidence – –  self doubt. Accept who you are. Be humble, recognize your shortcoming but maintain your self confidence. Tell yourself constantly that you’re smart, that you make the right decisions when you need to, and that your body and mind won’t let you down in the future.  If you read this blogs manifesto  (Download the PDF Stop Breathe Action Manifesto) you will see that we’re not perfect, we’re not all experts or gurus but at the same time we’re beneath no one, we’re driven, devoted and present.  You need to have the mindset that trying and failing is ok, but at least you got up off the couch, turned off the television and tried.   Just go for it! If you’re uncomfortable speaking in public, or you have to make a sales pitch or you’re afraid to share your writings, say to yourself: what’s the worst that can happen.  If you’re confident and have the determination to succeed, success is not too far behind. Get up and start living – ACTION!



© Seth D. Cohen and Stop.Breathe.Action, 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Determination & Confidence

  1. Very, very true. I often here the old adage, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”.. Unfortunately, catchy phrases like this lead to false expectations. Expect the unexpected… a bit better!

    Great read!

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