You Have to Choose to Be Awesome

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Copyright © 2009-2011 Corbett Barr

You Have to Choose to Be Awesome

It used to be there.

You used to feel like you were pretty awesome. You liked yourself, people were drawn to you, you had a bright future ahead. You had fresh ideas and a zeal for life. You felt like you could accomplish anything you wanted to.

Then somehow it slipped away. You lost it, and you don’t exactly know how.

Maybe it was a slow drain of awesomeness that you didn’t notice.

Maybe the demands of your career or your family extinguished your awesomeness. Maybe you lost your confidence as you got older, put on a few pounds and stopped making new friends. Maybe there was a traumatic incident that changed your life’s trajectory dramatically.

However it happened, it doesn’t matter.

The fact is that you know you could be living a bigger, better, bolder life than you are now.

That’s a critical first step to regaining your awesomeness. You have to admit that something is missing, and that you’re not living up to your potential.

Things can change. People change. YOU can change.

You can regain your awesomeness and then some. You can become a ridiculously awesome version of yourself.

It could all start right now.

But here’s the thing. You have to choose to be awesome. It doesn’t just happen. Once you’ve lost your spark, you have to work to get it back. You have to fight for it. Becoming awesome again isn’t just a decision; it’s a lifelong quest. It takes practice and dedication and awareness.

Every decision you make has to come under the scrutiny of your new awesomeness filter. Choose to work on your side hustle instead of watching TV. Choose to learn something instead of vegging out. Choose to encourage people instead of tearing them down.

You always have a choice, and you have to choose wisely if you want to be awesome again.

This isn’t a blog post, it’s a plea. The world needs more awesome people.

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