For the Mad Ones

To all the mad ones – live the life you want – ACTION.  

By Matt for

© 2011 Bruce Bucks.

For the mad ones who live such unconventional lives that society calls them crazy, outcasts, hippies, etc. The truth is they aren’t crazy at all, they are probably the most sane people on earth. The mad ones don’t allow society to dictate their future, their plans, and their destinations. The mad ones aren’t controlled by time, deadlines, or days, but rather they are free to listen, come together, and love.  The mad ones lead with their soul and don’t silence their curiosity; they let it run wild.  The mad ones live fulfilled lives, because they allow their dreams to be their reality. The mad ones don’t cower in the corner in fear, they take risks, fail, and take more risks, all for the experience of being alive.  May we learn a little bit from the mad ones.

Fear of failure, security, being comfortable, all keep me from truly living. What keeps you from living and burning out what your soul deeply longs for? Do this one for the mad ones.


[Photo Credit: On The Road by Jack Kerouac]

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