Live Your Manifesto

By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

What’s a manifesto?

According to

man·i·fes·to   [man-uh-fes-toh]  

(noun, plural -toes.)

a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.  

When I started this blog the fist thing I did was write my manifesto.  Below is what I read every day to get me into an ACTION mindset:
I’m not a guru
I’m not an expert
I’m not a health nut
I’m not a saint
I’m not perfect
I’m not a genius
I’m not a follower
I’m not focused on the future
I’m not dwelling on the past
I’m not worrying about what might be
I’m not wondering what might have been
I’m not relying on hope
I’m not worried

I’m present
I’m focused
I’m fearless
I’m driven
I’m devoted
I’m determined
I’m significant
I’m committed
I’m passionate
I’m confident
I’m creative
I’m quietly powerful
I’m beneath no one
I’m living in reality
I’m out to change the world one person at a time

So what’s your manifesto? Write it out and read it everyday. Feel free to share it with us. Live Your Manifesto!



4 thoughts on “Live Your Manifesto

  1. Love it! Writing down and reading what you believe in every day creates a clear framework for decision-making when times are tough. If you’re clear on where you stand then picking your side is always stress-free

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