Life Changing Soundtrack

By Lanaya Nelson for Stop.Breathe.Action

What's Your Life's Soundtrack?

We all have our music preferences… This is obvious. And I’m not seeking the kind of music revolution in which the sole country-western lovers turn into goth-heavy-metal fanatics… Not at all. I ask that we all simply step out of our own music-genre-boxes and explore a new appreciation for something new.

Music holds a lot of weight to everyone these days; especially with our accessibility being as quick as a download, and with our iTunes libraries being seemingly limitless… It’s amazing!!! I don’t know about you, but I remember proudly lugging around my huge 200-disc cd-case everywhere with my skipping cd-player to accompany… Imagine? And we now virtually have any track ever created at our finger tips, any time, anywhere… Just a couple taps of our thumbs. Incredible.

But, music itself is so dynamic in our lives. How did we develop our genres of choice? Why are we drawn to certain types of music? I know my best friend makes fun of my depressing, what she calls ‘want to jump off a bridge’ music, and I make fun of her punk ‘still trying to be blink182- those-days-are-over’ music. But I like to think that once in a while when she’s listening to my music, she gets a little something out of the poetic lyrics, and I’m not going to lie– I sometimes thoroughly enjoy her punky-emo, but shh, don’t tell her.

And I think, like with anything in life, opening yourself up to new things can actually enhance the ones you already love. I started listening to NYC’s Classical Radio Station: WQXR because it was the only station that came in clearly driving from Jersey City to Roseland, NJ and I not only developed a lasting affinity for classical music, but it helped me to better understand and appreciate the music I already listened to. The composition and use of different instruments within my music became more distinct to me, and I learned to look at my music from new angles– and to revisit songs that I thought I knew by heart for decades, but were re-birthed to me through my musical enlightenment. May seem like a stretch, but it’s the simple truth.

And of course, music is like anything in life: stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to grow more completely. Life is based upon experience– so go try something new. Have a musical experience with a song, band, or genre you would never normally listen to. You may be pleased with what you find. Make a life-changing soundtrack.


A Seth D. Cohen Inspiration

One thought on “Life Changing Soundtrack

  1. This is such an awesome article! I agree and believe as well that everyone should expand their musical library by not listening to one type of music but, by listening to every type of genre that there is! I can jump from listening to pop music to classical in an instant and there is always something different to love about both. Haha, thank you for taking me back down memory lane with the DiscMan and cd-cases, it’s incredible how times have changed.


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