Stop.Breathe.Action is launching a new creative series called STREET ACTION.  Street Action is where we post motivational and inspirational pictures and videos that YOU see in your everyday life; either when your outside, at work, taking your kids to school, walking through the mall, food shopping, working out etc..  I ask that you please provide us with pictures and videos to post on the site. Below is an example of what we are looking for.  I took this picture yesterday while stopped at a red light:

We will be posting these pictures on our page called Street Action.   This concept was created by the SBA Lab. The SBA Lab is a place where the Stop.Breathe.Action team can showcase it’s innovative thinking by posting motivational pictures and videos that either we create or our awesome ACTION followers create. It’s a platform for a new kind of radical creativity and motivating – instead of one person or one blog motivating and inspiring people, EVERYONE contributes pictures, words and videos to help others.

Please send your pictures and videos for the Street Action series to Please see below the guidelines.

  1. You can send any photo or video that you yourself have witnessed and you think our readers would be interested in. So that means anything related to inspiration, motivation, meditation, health and fitness etc…
  2. Pictures and videos can’t be religious or political in nature.
  3. Please ensure that you or someone you know took the picture or video.
  4. There is no monetary reward or compensation for any photos or videos that get posted.
  5. If you send in your pictures or videos, it’s assumed that they can be published.
  6. The posting of the photo or video is at the discretion of the Stop.Breathe.Action staff.
  7. Please let us know if you want a caption placed on your picture or video or if you want your name mentioned.



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