Fear of Success

By Lanaya Nelson for Stop.Breathe.Action

Fear holds us all back

We all make excuses for why things do not get done. There is never enough time, others were never compliant, the world is against me, there was an obstacle just too big to hurdle… you know it well. Laziness is definitely a source to be considered, but let’s go deeper here, perhaps to find the source of this laziness and the catalyst of all excuses. The most influential factor that keeps all who do not reach their personal dreams from doing so: The fear of success. Are you afraid to succeed? No way! That is such a backward notion! It doesn’t even make sense!– you say? Well, it makes a lot more sense than what you are willing to accept at the moment. It is a paradox of perfect logic.

What do you think keeps sports psychologists in business? There are no fields, balls, drills, or nets involved… it is the place where an athlete attempts to break this barrier of psychological fear… more often than not it is the fear of succeeding…scoring that goal…winning that game…being acknowledged. That sounds crazy!!! But, it’s true. NIKE is on to something with their slogan… Just Do It. And what applies to sports can most always be analogized to everyday life.

Exhibit A: I have been working on my grad school essay for close to seven months now. Everything has been submitted, but my essay. I even have the academic director pestering me for this essay—along with most of my friends and family. I have used every excuse in the book: It’s just not flowing, it’s too fragmented, I don’t have the time, I can’t find a quiet place, and on and on and on… it’s all BS is what it is. Getting accepted to grad school will be the first step to actually succeeding in reaching my dream, and I am terrified! I seriously need to step up my game… and so do YOU!!

Look the reality of your fear in the face, man, and get ‘er done! DO what has to be done to achieve your goals, and stop making excuses. When you get a chance to make that shot, don’t miss out—because you may NEVER, ever get the same opportunity to score again. And if this is the cliché of clichés—so be it. The first step to overcoming your fear of success is to eliminate all excuses. Do. Not. Make. Any. More. Excuses. Period. Without the burden of these excuses you will hold yourself accountable, and therefore, if you are not succeeding…you are failing. Failing yourself. Black & White. And this will bring clarity to your goals and priorities. Make it happen. Be fearless in your journey to success!!

Stop. Breathe. Succeed



6 thoughts on “Fear of Success

  1. The greatest moment in my life (really) was when I looked into the mirror and realized the guy looking back at me was my own worst enemy.

    Tough to accept, but true. It was from that day forward (with many diversions) that I began to succeed in life.

    The hardest thing in the world is to write about your own faults. Thanks for sharing. You did a masterful job.

    Be encouraged!

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