Motivation vs. Follow-Through

By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

Photo by Seth D. Cohen

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably seeking motivation or looking for inspiration to achieve your goals (or as I call them choices). Some of us will even spend money on motivational books, videos, lectures etc…I have admittedly done this.

But no matter what we spend, read, write down, or tell our friends and family, we seem to lack the motivation to see our goals through to the end. Sometimes this is because of our fear of success, lack of drive, and lack of resources but I call bull sh*t and say its because we don’t know how to follow-through.

I came across this article on motivation and follow-through called Your Problem Isn’t Motivation by Peter Bergman. Bergman can explain this problem better than I ever could but to sum it up:

“Motivation is in the mind; follow-through is in the practice. Motivation is conceptual; follow-through is practical. In fact, the solution to a motivation problem is the exact opposite of the solution to a follow through problem. The mind is essential to motivation. But with follow through, it’s the mind that gets in the way.”

So what’s the point? The point is that every single one of you are motivated. Your mind is oozing out motivation. You have your goals and choices all prepared and ready.  What you need is to follow-through and execute. Silence the mind, stop over thinking and as Nike says Just Do It.

I have always said that the goal of this blog is for you to stop reading this blog. Meaning – your already motivated, you have amazing and inspiring dreams an aspirations, and as much as I want you to read my posts, I truly want you to be in a mindset where you realize that your already motivated, you just need ACTION.




Creative Motivation By Seth D. Cohen

3 thoughts on “Motivation vs. Follow-Through

  1. Great Post! I liked your honorable statement and goal that readers no longer need your motivational words to move into action in their own lives. Self-Reliant Action, the utlimate.

  2. Hi Seth,

    I follow your blog, becuase of your practical, rubber-meets-the road type of motivation. So I especailly appreciate this post’s content.

    I have also found that many folks struggle with believing they deserve to succeed. Sad, but they do not feel they are worthy of what they want.

    Be encouraged!

  3. Wow, this is just what I needed (a couple of days late…) 🙂 It is so true. You can read the books, listen to the speakers, watch the videos– but nothing will manifest without the application of action. Love it! Nice job.

    Choices… not goals. 😉


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