How Creativity and Motivation Works

This video is an amazing display of how creativity works. Insert the word motivation anywhere in this video and you will understand how to have a motivational breakthrough.


  • Your problem isn’t impossible, it’s just that you want an immediate breakthrough or result.
  • Frustration, failure, impasses and disappointment are just part of the process.
  • Solutions are within reach – just stop constantly searching for them.
  • Live outside the box (“open the black box of the imagination”)
  • There is nothing magical about motivation and creativity – it’s already within you.



Creative Motivation by Seth D. Cohen

5 thoughts on “How Creativity and Motivation Works

  1. I applaud those who shed light on the fact that creativity and motivation don’t come easily. It’s easy to skip over to the happy ending like the video says, but it’s really the frustration and hard work which deserve the praise. If an impasse didn’t exist, someone would’ve already reached that breakthrough. Awesome post Seth!

  2. A very simple yet profound look at the power of our mind. As the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easily”. (That is the saying, right?)
    Great post!

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