Be Honest

We should aspire to be great – to be nothing but amazing. But we also need to be be honest with ourselves.  The motivation, inspiration and creative process will never be easy no matter our knowledge on the subject.  Our goals, choices and aspirations will always be shadowed by uncertainty, fear and insecurities.  Motivation, creativity, and inspiration can’t always be portrayed through a book, a podcast, a picture and it can’t be forced on us through some out of touch, only out for the money presenter or lecture.  If motivation was that easy I don’t think blogs would even exist.  Despite all the clever blogs, books, and motivational speakers, our motivation, inspiration and creativity remains in only one place – within us.

Although our motivations are inspired by the everyday world, we need to see beyond the person next to us at the gym, or sitting across from us in a meeting and realize that motivation is already within us.  It’s you that needs to make the changes, it’s you who needs to be amazing everyday, it’s you who needs to fight through the pain and the frustrations.  You need to notice your insecurities and fears and destroy them.  Let your faults become a source of motivation.  Understand that your actions will define you. This is how people who are overweight, lose the pounds, how a mailroom employee becomes CEO, and how one person can change the world.

Every goal and choice is different and yet its all the same.  It starts with nothing and becomes something.  Find the action within you and be amazing.


Creative Motivation by Seth D. Cohen

3 thoughts on “Be Honest

  1. I really like the understanding that “your actions will define you”. I think this is so true- and taking this notion into serious consideration can have a catalyzing effect to become who you want to be…the road to making more AWESOME choices. 🙂

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