Motivational Zones

Motivational Zones by Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

Motivation isn’t consistent.  Motivation can spring up at any time. You can be motivated one minute and completely lazy the next. Motivation can change by the hour, the day, the week, etc…  Because of this constant change you need to be able to identify something I developed called the motivational zones.  Why the zones?  So that you can match your current behavior and mindset to your current motivation.

The motivational zones are based on a 0-10 scale.  0 being completely unmotivated and 10 being the pinnacle of motivation.

0-2 Zone #1 – Need to be challenged/guidance needed: In this zone you’re having trouble getting motivated.  This might occur when you first get up in the morning or when your child is screaming bloody murder and won’t go to bed, or when your boss just ripped you a new one and you question what the hell your still working there for.

What to do?: This is when you need to breathe and focus. You need to review your journals and highlighted pages in your inspirational books. Talk to your significant other, friend or parent and tell them your thoughts and issues. Avoid the motivational blogs in this stage, most do a very poor job getting you to the next zone.  Perosonally, this is when I meditate and review my journal.  I know it’s only a quick stop in zone #1 and then I’m off to the races to the next zones.  

3-5 Zone #2 – Grind it out/Chip AwayIn this zone you’re out of the dumps and starting to get shit done. You might be looking at your to do list and slowly completing items. Your doing simple things and taking baby steps.

What to do?: You have to adjust your mindset to a grind it out and chip away mindset.  Don’t get overwhelmed by your to do list or hundreds of emails. Just start off easy and deal with the issues you know you can complete quickly.  You can review motivational articles and blogs to get you to the next zone. Personally, this is when I put my headphones on and listen to some motivating music and grind it out. Depending on the day and the task at hand its ok to stay in this zone for awhile just as long as you’re getting shit done.  When you have a deadline coming up or a task that requires extreme focus, get to the next zone.  

6-8 Zone #3 – Producing/Completing/Go Getter: This is the zone that most successful people try to stay in.  Your no longer just grinding it out, your producing and completing amazing work and tasks.  Motivation is high, your almost on cruise control, moving from one task to the next, from one project to the next. You feel amazing and inspired.

What to do?: Whatever you do don’t lose the motivational fuel in this zone.  Keep your focus and stay on this amazing motivational path. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION. Personally, this zone usually occurs around 10:00 AM for me.  I’m so focused and firing on all cylinders.  I’m constantly focusing on my breathing, reducing my stress and anxiety and reviewing what motivates me so that I stay in this zone until it’s time to move to Zone #4. It’s in this zone and the next one that I try and focus my blog content on.  I understand that Zone #1 and #2 require you to change your mindset, not some blog or motivational speaker.  In Zone #3 you need inspiration and ACTION to keep you in this zone and help you move on to the next one.  That’s why I created Creative Motivation, Street Action and my Manifesto.   

9-10 Zone #4 – Full on Hustle and Execution: Just as successful people focus on Zone #3, this zone is for the person who wants to be significant.  Not the very good at what I do person, but the remarkable one.  The game changer. The, I will out hustle and out work you everyday person. The, be different not better person. The person who doesn’t wait for initiative and ACTION – – THEY TAKE IT!

What to do?: If you get here, stay here. Don’t ever lose this amazing feeling of Zone #4.  This zone separates you from the rest of the pack. Everyone has the ability to get to this zone.  Mind over matter.  Crossing off tasks isn’t enough to get here. It’s hustle and execute, hustle and execute.  Personally, nothing feels better than when I’m in this zone. I make choices and goals everyday to get here and stay here.      

So what zone are you in? Remember, if you’re in Zone #1 today that doesn’t mean you can’t be in Zone #3 by the morning.  The key is to train your mind to recognize what zone it’s in and how to get to the next one.


Creative Motivation by Seth D. Cohen


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