Action Is In Your Veins

I truly believe that action is within all of us. It’s in our veins. All we need is a spark to light the action flame.  Personally, I look at my daughter everyday and when she says “daddy do work” it instantaneously ignites my action flame.  I feel the action run through my veins and my get shit done today mentality sets in.  Remember, action is priceless, it delineates and defines us. Who or what sparks your action flame? Feel free to share with the other 300 + readers of this blog.

Action is in your veins by seth d. cohen for stop.breathe.action


by Seth D. Cohen

5 thoughts on “Action Is In Your Veins

  1. Action is what actualises our potential. Dreams will remain dreams unless acted upon. Regret is the feeling given from failing to act.

  2. Thinking about the fact that I am ACTUALLY entirely capable of achieving what I define as success, that gets me excited and ready to get to work. That thought, and the notion that I was not put here to only affect my own life. I’m here for the world, as far as I’m concerned.

    So why rob the world?

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