Live Beyond Your Dreams

Live beyond your dreams by Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

I was watching a show on CNBC called “American Greed” and I started thinking about the following – – When it comes to money, cars and houses, people have a tendency to live beyond their means. They will do anything to live the good life. Sometimes that means doing illegal or unethical things. But when it comes to “real” dreams or goals, it usually stops there and simply stays a dream.

Why can’t we Live Beyond Our Dreams? I don’t have some scientific or medical answer, I have a real life answer. It’s called FEAR. We all live with it. I had a fear of creating this blog for the longest time. I feared trying to live my dream of motivating people. Fear doesn’t mean we’re weak, it’s just a temporary barrier we need to crush.

I promise you that you can live beyond your dreams. You can make your dreams a reality. It’s not easy, it requires hard work, pain and some tears. It won’t just fall in your lap. Make action a habit and constantly get shit done (and stop whining and making excuses). I don’t know about you, but buying a fancy car when I don’t have the money isn’t as rewarding as living my dream of motivating and inspiring people.

As always, it’s an absolute honor to motivate and inspire you and I don’t for one day take that for granted. Live beyond your dreams and make ACTION a daily habit. It’s all possible.


By Seth D. Cohen

4 thoughts on “Live Beyond Your Dreams

  1. Seth, I enjoy all of your messages and really get something out of each and every one of them. Todays message about “Fear” was especially satisfying.

    Thank you

  2. Your post just made me appreciate, more than I sometimes do, the little things in my life. I don’t think many of us value the simple (and silly) things in life! A simple thing includes a text message from a friend, or the dinner I eat every day 🙂

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