The 25 Rules of Action

By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

25 Rules of ActionAs my vacation nears an end and it’s time to get back to work, I want to share with you my 25 rules of action that I know will help you lead an action minded life.

The 25 Rules of Action

1. Small daily action habits create amazing results.

2. Worry about you first, then you can help others.

3. Stop wasting time.

4. Do you, don’t copy others.

5. Grind and hustle everyday.

6. Talk is cheap. Action delineates and defines you.

7. Think big action.

8. People invest in and hire action minded people.

9. Make choices, not goals.

10. Live beyond your dreams.

11. Action is priceless, it’s in your veins.

12. Develop action habits and do it.

13. Execute, Execute, Execute (Flex your execution muscle.)

14. Your job is to do whatever you need to do to get it done.

15. Breathe and meditate. It really helps.

16. Go beyond success to significance.

17. Don’t do it for the gratitude, do it for you.

18. Action as a habit is hard, but it’s better than being soft.

19. Stop being comfortable.

20. Being smart is not enough. You need passion, perseverance, and positivity.

21. Being very good is boring, be remarkable.

22. Be different, not better.

23. Be shameless and bold.

24. Be in the now.

25. Someone is always watching. Be amazing everyday.


26. Believe

I encourage you to share and discuss these with others. If you start making action a habit, you will start to see amazing results.

Thanks for visiting and I will see you right back here for the next Action inspired post.


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Seth D. Cohen (SDC) is the founder of Stop.Breathe.Action. You can follow him on twitter @sdcohen.

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