By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

I was going to write a post on the importance of optimism and then my dad sent me these amazing articles from The New York Times. Since I couldn’t have said it any better, I decided to share these articles with you. The best part – it clearly states that Action is the key to optimism.

Elaine Fox states “Positive thinking is not the main thing about optimism. What really makes the difference is action.”

So I must be on to something with this little blog of mine. Shout out to my dad for sending me these articles.

A Richer Life by Seeing the Glass Half Full by Jane E. Brody

How to Make Optimism Work For You by Jane E. Brody

*If you haven’t already, check out The 25 Rules of Action.

*Check out our new Quotes page that grows everyday. Most of these quote can also be seen on my twitter account @sdcohen.

Thanks for visiting and I will see you right back here for the next Action inspired post.


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Seth D. Cohen (SDC) is the founder of Stop.Breathe.Action. You can follow him on twitter @sdcohen.

One thought on “Optimism

  1. My opinion is that the brain is like a blank slate that over time you engrave patterns on. Positive thinking is only the plan to engrave the patterns onto the slate. Action of the plan is needed to actually engrave the pattern in. But also, to reinforce the pattern many times to make it second nature.

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