How to be Remarkable

By Seth D. Cohen for Stop.Breathe.Action

How to be remarkable

Ever wonder how to be remarkable? Well there is no secret formula and it doesn’t happen overnight. Here is a list of 25 characteristics to help you on your journey to being remarkable.

  1. Stand out. Being good just doesn’t cut it any more.
  2. You have to have passion.
  3. You need to give a shit. People who don’t care can never be remarkable.
  4. Ask people what there passion is. Being remarkable means finding out what makes others tick.
  5. Give to charity.
  6. Stand up and fight for what you believe in.
  7. Actions speak louder than words. Know when to speak and when to stay quiet. This is a key skill that not many people do well.
  8. You have to be aware. Know your competition and surroundings.
  9. It’s not about being better than the next person. It’s about being different. Differentiate your unique potential.
  10. Be inspirational. You don’t need to be a cheerleader but you have to inspire people.
  11. You need confidence and charisma, not an ego.
  12. Be humble. It can all be taken away in a blink of an eye.
  13. Take appropriate risks and be savvy. Being safe just won’t cut it.
  14. Dress appropriately. You can’t be taken seriously if you look like you just rolled out of bed. Remember, you only get one chance for a first impression.
  15. Be nimble. Things change quickly and you have to be able to react.
  16. Endure. It’s not an easy life. You will have to overcome hardships.
  17. Don’t wait for people to tell you what to do. You have to take it.
  18. Everyday brings a new opportunity. Remarkable people know how to capitalize.
  19. Be mindful and have a heightened awareness. This will allow you to excel.
  20. Be a visionary.
  21. Don’t be afraid. Fear can destroy you.
  22. Have fun! Find your inner child and don’t take life so seriously.
  23. Execute.
  24. Synchronize mind and body. Work out both mind and body.
  25. Focus on your character. Character will earn you the respect needed to be remarkable.


26. Be persistent. Your moment will come and it’s very close.

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Seth D. Cohen (SDC) is the founder of Stop.Breathe.Action. You can follow him on twitter @sdcohen.

8 thoughts on “How to be Remarkable

  1. This is a great list, it touches all the major points. Good touch including “You can’t be taken seriously if you look like you just rolled out of bed” and “Find out what makes others tick”

  2. Agreed! You have to have Passion – it will be seen and felt and can be a major differentiator – to be remarkable! I like the list!

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