Analyze Your Feelings Before You Do Something Stupid

By Seth D. Cohen

Does this sound familiar? “I’m really stressed out today so I’m going to be nasty at work if anyone tries to speak to me – I’m going to alienate my peers.” Or, “I’m sick of losing money in the stock market so I’m just going to sell everything even if it’s at the market low and sit on the cash.”

We all have a problem understanding our feelings and how it affects us, our peers and our families in our everyday lives.  We simply have a feeling and immediately jump into action. We think we are doing the right thing but all we are doing is letting our feelings decide the outcome of our situations. Simply put, we act irrationally. We lack self-awareness.

What if we stopped and analyzed our feelings before we did something stupid?  Before we made a decision that we could never take back.  People don’t realize that our feelings hold a treasure chest of information.  Information that could be valuable in making our ultimate decision. Let your feelings act as an early warning sign instead of distracting and causing uncomfortable panics and anxiety. If we could understand and accept our thoughts and feelings we could act with better information. Our actions then wouldn’t be fueled by our feelings. We wouldn’t act irrational.

Obviously emotions and feelings play a major part in our everyday decisions. What I’m simply proposing is that we recognize two very important types of thought: rational and intuitive.  Sometimes our rational thinking distracts us from reality and our intuitive thinking gets us into trouble since we have trouble turning it off. Generally speaking, the more self-aware we become, the more successful we will be.

Ultimately we’re responsible for our own actions. So stop and think how your feelings may impact a decision or a situation. Lack of awareness and thoughtfulness are the two best ways to sabotage your successes.  Stop, Breathe and simply Be Aware before you do something stupid. Use your feelings as clues to make better and smarter decisions.

With Gratitude,


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