Favorites Of The Week 9/28/12

Favorites of the Week

Each week I will provide to my readers my Favorites Of The Week.  Everything from motivation and inspiration, to productivity, success, health, wellness and fitness will be showcased – – All Things Mind and Body. Click on the picture, video or title of the article below to experience my favorites.

The Optimal Diet The Optimal Diet via www.nytimes.com

Get Rid Of Your To Do List Get Rid Of Your To Do List via www.lessdoing.com

As Children’s Freedom Has Declined, So Has Their CreativityAs Children’s Freedom Has Declined So Has Their Creativity via www.psychologytoday.com

Progress in Identifying the Genetic Roots of Autism Progress In Identifying the Genetic Roots of Autism via www.wsj.com 

The Link Between Quietness And ProductivityThe Link Between Quietness and Productivity via www.fastcompany.com

Decisions Are Liberating  Decisions Are Liberating via www.entheos.com


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