Monday Mind Body Sync: Stop Doing “Just Enough”

By Seth D. Cohen

Stop Doing Just Enough

I see it everyday, people not working up to their potential. People only doing what is asked of them, not going the extra mile to become remarkable. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone think outside the box instead of just following the rules.

We live in a society where people are doing “Just Enough” to get by. They do Just Enough at work to make sure they don’t get fired. We are lazy but at the same time feel that we’re entitled to keep being promoted and getting raises when we perform at sub par levels.

Do you think these people only did Just Enough in their lives:

Steve Jobs

Richard Branson

Mark Cuban

Warren Buffett

Larry Ellison

….. And it’s not just billionaires.  It’s a teacher pushing your child to do better, it’s the fireman who goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is safe, it’s your co-worker and most importantly….. it’s you.

Make it a habit to do more than Just Enough. It’s a habit and a mindset that will pay off in the end.

With Gratitude,



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2 thoughts on “Monday Mind Body Sync: Stop Doing “Just Enough”

  1. I feel that most people have ‘The Fear’ that is why Seth… there are many fears, including those of Criticism and of failure and so they do just ‘enough’ to skim past these and not face what could be a more wholesome fulfilling life. It is a shame because we do have everything already built within us to firstly overcome these fears and secondly to make a success of ourselves, in which ever way we deem ‘success’ to be. It all starts with our thoughts, changing our negative thought pattern, to positive affirming ones. Weeding out the pattern of negativity and thoughts of failure or ‘what if’, just like a gardener tends to his garden. He doesn’t allow the weeds to overtake the beautiful blossoms or the new budding seeds, he pulls and removes them before they have a chance to spread and take heed. A lot of minds are stagnant from the weeds that have overgrown and over-taken the garden of the mind. It is no longer colourful, vibrant and life giving – it is dull, dry and no fresh air is given and so fear and ‘just doing what is needed to get by’ is the only way to navigate this mind.

    This subject I am hugely interested in. I like your blog because it opens up the world of what a mind should aim to be. We can all do it. Thanks for sharing such great posts


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