Make A Chip List

By Seth D. Cohen

Chip On Your Shoulder


Have you ever been told?

  • You’re too small
  • You’re not smart enough
  • You will never be successful
  • You can’t compete against him or her
  • You will fail if you try that

These are what I call Chip Statements.  A chip statement (stemming from the saying “a chip on your shoulder”) is a negative statement by someone that you can use to motivate and inspire you. I make a Chip List to document all the negative, nasty and confidence sabotaging statements that I have been told throughout my life.  I highly recommend that you make your own chip list so that every day you can read these statements to motivate and inspire you. The key to a chip list is to make sure that you’re not living up to these negative statements and that they’re not becoming a reality.

Make sure that the list you make include statements from others, not your own jealousies or insecurities. Your own negative thoughts are not chip statements, they’re just that – negative statements.

A chip statement is not “I can’t believe that he makes that much money.” Or “It’s not fair that she lives in such a beautiful house, I want that too.”

Let your chip list fuel your burning desires to overcome and drive you to be remarkable.

Here are a couple of statements on my chip list and the end result:

  • “Your grades and SAT scores aren’t strong enough to get you into Boston University. I just don’t think you’re smart enough.” (I got into Boston University)
  • “Math is one of your weakest skill sets.” (Graduated from college with a degree in Finance)
  • “Motivating and inspiring people doesn’t seem like the best option for you. It’s a dead end.”(I have over 500 people that read my blog and get comments such as “Your insight is priceless to me.”)

With Gratitude,



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