I’m not a guru
I’m not an expert
I’m not a health nut
I’m not a saint
I’m not perfect
I’m not a genius
I’m not a follower
I’m not focused on the future
I’m not dwelling on the past
I’m not worrying about what might be
I’m not wondering what might have been
I’m not relying on hope
I’m not worried

I’m present
I’m focused
I’m fearless
I’m driven
I’m devoted
I’m determined
I’m significant
I’m committed
I’m passionate
I’m confident
I’m creative
I’m quietly powerful
I’m beneath no one
I’m living in reality
I’m out to change the world one person at a time

I’m inspiring people to be what they know they could be. To give up expectations and just live. To explore and knock down obstacles. To trust yourself. To be happy by leading a meaningful life. To make choices not goals. To let go of the future and the past and focus on what inspires and excites you now. To understand the connection of mind and body. To have ACTION in your daily life.

Download the Manifesto here – Stop Breathe Action Manifesto